Monday, February 11, 2008

You And Your Possessions

READ: Matthew 19:16-26

It is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. —Matthew 19:23

Six armed gunmen broke into the deposit boxes in a London bank and stole valuables worth more than $7 million. One woman, whose jewelry was appraised at $500,000, wailed, “Everything I had was in there. My whole life was in that box.”

Some people have taken foolish risks to cling to their riches. They have died rushing into burning houses or were killed because they stubbornly resisted armed robbers. Apparently they felt that without their material possessions life would not be worthwhile. Others, when they lose their wealth, slip into despair, even to the point of suicide.

The greatest danger in becoming too closely identified with our possessions lies in the spiritual area of life. An unhealthy attachment to material things can keep an unsaved person from turning to Christ and prevent a believer from living for Him.

The story of the rich young ruler forcefully illustrates this truth. Jesus’ words “You cannot serve God and [money]” (Matt. 6:24) certainly apply to us all.

Keep a wide gulf between yourself and your possessions. It will spare you many heartaches. If you are not a believer in Christ, don’t make the mistake of the rich young ruler. It will cost you your soul. —Herbert Vander Lugt

The riches of this world are vain,
They vanish in a day;
But sweet the treasures of God’s love—
They never pass away! —Bosch

To be rich in God is better than to be rich in goods!

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