Sunday, April 27, 2008


God motivated Abraham to leave Ur with lots of promises
Abraham obeyed
Abraham had not yet received the promised son
Abraham waited
Abraham confused
Abraham tried to fulfill his own maneuverings
Abraham continued to worship
God kept his Promise
Isaac was born

(the story of Abraham covers decades, the recorded interventions of God into Abraham’s life average about one in every 15 years, imagine going 15 years without having bible, indwelling spirit, not hearing God, Yet Abraham lived a life of faithfulness)

Joseph dreamt that someday he would stand in such great authority when he is 17
That the last dream from God for years
His jealous brother sold him as slave
His owner’s wife tried to seduce him and finally accused him
He was sent to jail
He helped a guy who promised to repay the favor but then forgot him
Yet, he stayed faithful

(God didn't appear at any time when Joseph needed Him, God worked behind the scenes, silently arranging the time when Joseph would emerge humbled and refined)

Job was clueless about God was doing with his life
God never explained that the devil was actually behind Job’s suffering
God intimately revealed Himself and helped Job resolve the conflict of his soul

We may Think that Christianity is about pleasing GOD but or ambition in life should be to please Him

(Adapted from Experiencing Intimacy with God-Joseph M. Stowell- ODB)

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