Monday, March 30, 2009

Can I be Successful Without God?

"The essence of man's life is to be successful in this world and find salvation, joy, peace and contentment."

The Atheist says,"I can be a successful man without God." But the Theist says,"I can't be a successful man in this world without God." What is the essence of success in this world?

To have the essence of success is the most important aspect for a successful man. Story of success is a very interesting topic for those who want to be a successful man. Who does not want to be a successful man in this world? Perhaps, every body wants to be a successful man in this world. As a Christian, we believe that without God, we cannot be a successful man in this world. But have you ever seen that many non-Christians are successful in their career, business etc. In today's Christian society, many leave their faith in Jesus and run after the worldly fame, money and power. And they are very successful through their hard work and struggle.

When we read the book of kings (in the Bible), we noticed that many people become a great king worshipping the idols, Baals etc. To become a successful man or popular man in this world is no solely depend on God's help. From the ancient history of Israel to the contemporary world, we have learned that without God many people could become successful in their life. Many Christians cannot become a successful man as they only depend on their faith without action. When we read the book of James, we found that faith without work is dead.

"Faith by it self if it is not accompanied by action is dead." James 2:17

When we want to be a successful man in this world, we need sincere hard work, determination, interest etc. Faith is nothing to do with, without work. But work is something to do with without faith. Man can become successful and create many new things with his hard work. A businessman can do well in his business without God if he works hard with positive attitude. A farmer also can have abundant of crops with his hard work. Any other professional workers also can do well without God. So, can't we say that without believing in God - we can be a successful man in this world?

We can be a successful man in this world but the salvation, joy, peace and satisfaction are different matters. A successful man may or may no have salvation, peace and joy. Anybody who works hard with right approach and positive attitude will be successful regardless of his or her religion but salvation matter is different aspect. There is greater chance for a man to be successful with work without faith than faith without work. Through his struggle and hard work like Jacob (in the Bible) became successful in his work. Many Christians believe that they cannot succeed in life without God, which mean without faith.

But they actually have little or no faith in God, nor? they work hard to be succeeded in their life? Any body that works hard will find good result and succeed in life. But the problem for those people who are successful in life without faith in God will no receive salvation. Salvation, peace, joy and contentment come from God. A successful man without faith in God, feel emptiness in his heart. He may work hard and struggle to reach his goal but after reaching his goal, he will no satisfy in his life. Momentarily, he may be happy but that kind of happiness and satisfaction is ephemera.

Man works hard to be successful with an expectation to get contentment, joy and peace. Man deserves to receive contentment, peace and joy after he works very hard and successful in his dream and work. What if we work hard and become a very successful man in this world but find no peace, satisfaction and joy? Is there will be any meaning when we are successful in life but find no salvation, contentment, security, peace and joy? What is your objective in life trying to be a successful man in this world? A successful man without salvation and contentment, peace and joy is meaningless in his life. When we are successful in our work or anything, satisfaction, peace and joy should be there. The fruit of succeed should be satisfaction, peace and joy but man cannot find the fruit of success without God. Man can create all the tangible things but he cannot create the abstract thing. Salvation, peace and joy are abstract thing and man cannot create such thing. Man can make some environments to create abstract thing (peace, joy and contentment) but only God can create and provide to man. The essence of man?s life is to be successful in this world and find salvation, joy, peace and contentment. If we miss any of these, there will be emptiness feel in our heart even after becoming a successful man in this world?

In conclusion, man can become a successful man in this world with his struggle and hard work, but he cannot find salvation, peace, joy and contentment in his life without God. The essence of succeed should have salvation, peace, joy and contentment.

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