Thursday, November 19, 2009

God Commands His Blessing On Your Storehouses

By Joseph Prince Ministries New Creation Church

Deuteronomy 28:8
The Lord will command the blessing on you in your storehouses…

When Jesus walked on earth, He had no bank account or Visa card. Yet, He was rich, lacking nothing. He had whatever He needed for Himself as well as for the people around Him. When they needed healing, He provided it. (Matthew 12:15) When they needed food, He provided it. (Matthew 14:13–21) As long as they had Him, they had whatever they needed.

Likewise, when you have Jesus, you have an anointing within that makes you rich, even though in the natural, when you look at your finances, there may not be much. God Himself has promised that He will command the blessing on you in your storehouses. Notice that He said “storehouses”. This means that He will command the blessing on your bank accounts, investment plans and everywhere that you put your money! Your storehouses will be blessed because when God commands the blessing, the blessing has no choice but to come on your storehouses!

We saw this happen to one of our church’s storehouses — our investment in Marine Cove, an open-air, seaside shopping-cum-dining-cum-leisure resort complex. We invested in the place because we wanted to multiply the Lord’s money. We did not want to leave the money in the bank where the interest rate then was less than one per cent. We prayed about it and the Lord led us to invest in Marine Cove.

And since day one, we have been making money from that investment. In fact, our highest annual return was 11 per cent net! When SARS hit Singapore in 2003, people were avoiding the air-conditioned malls and coming to Marine Cove. The place was packed. Only God could have known how things would turn out. We even made money from the parking charges! That was how much the Lord was multiplying His money through our investment.

Beloved, just believe God when He says that He will command His blessing on you in your storehouses. Get ready your storehouses and make room for the blessings. Position yourself to capitalize on the opportunities that He is sending your way!

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