Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine
By John Fischer

You have a place in the Body of Christ—a place only you can fill. This is true for all of us so that together, we all fit into a very big plan for what God is doing in the world. That He would incorporate us into this plan is a part of His amazing grace. He not only saves us; He gives us a job to do, and equips us to do it.

Jesus spoke often about rewarding those who have been faithful in their earthly responsibilities (what He calls the “little things”) with big responsibilities in the kingdom of heaven. That would mean there is no task too small for the Christian, even by earthly standards. What we do now in service to others is setting us up for eternity where we will take on much bigger responsibilities. Now we may be dealing with setting up chairs, teaching Sunday school, or volunteering at the local soup kitchen. In the future we may be dealing with running galaxies, maintaining governments, and representing God’s will in the universe. And you thought heaven was all about sitting around on clouds playing harps!

I believe that God doesn’t waste any of our time or our experiences. Everything we are discovering now as servants in His church is preparing us for an eternity of service in His eternal kingdom. Yes, you read that right: we will be serving throughout eternity. I personally believe we can blow our minds imagining what eternity will be like and not get even the half of it.
Think about it. Does it seem like God would weave the need for a purpose into the core of our being and then have that purpose realized only by playing 2nd harp on cloud nine ad infinitum? Whoever came up with that harp thing missed this admonition where Jesus said that those who are faithful in the little things He puts in charge of all His possessions. And what are all His possessions if not worlds and galaxies and heavens upon heavens?

So the next time you are struggling with the apparent meaninglessness of some small task, think about what God might be preparing you for and make it your goal to be found as a faithful servant with what He has given you for now.

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