Friday, May 1, 2009

Stay Open for Something New

by Joel Osteen

God has new victories out in front of you. You may have been through some disappointments in the past, but now it's time to arise and shine and believe again, dream again, and hope again. We have to be open for the new tasks set before us by God, and believe by faith that He will give us the strength, wisdom and will power to achieve what looks impossible. We should not get stagnant thinking ,"this is all I know how to do", or live in the past victories that are behind us. When the Old Testament Prophet Moses died, Joshua was left to lead the Israelites across the Jordan River. He remembered how Moses, in the past, held up his rod and parted the Red Sea. But in Joshua's new circumstance, God had a different plan. He had to stay open for the new direction, and once he did and obeyed, despite how things were done in the past, and how "things once were", he let God lead him in new leadership and the waters parted, and the people were able to go through on dry ground. We need to be like Joshua and adopt the attitude, "If it didn't work one way, I'm not going to get defeated and give up. I know God has another way." No matter how many closed doors you've encountered, keep knocking, believing, hoping and dreaming. If you'll put on this new attitude and stay open to new opportunities, God will continually lead you and bring you a place of blessing.

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