Friday, October 16, 2009

The Value of Our Loved Ones

We have the tendency to take things for granted. And this includes people around us and even people we love. We take it for granted that the people around us will be around forever.

We delay or conveniently forget our obligations and promises until it is too late to fulfil or to make amends. Such incidents happen too many times and to many people. Have you ever heard people commenting that they had been too busy to visit their loved ones on their deathbed until it's too late? Or you hear people saying that they had been wanting to meet so and so, but kept postponing until one fine day, the so and so is gone forever and they regret it. These are all the late words.

I was pondering over the weekend how can we determine the value of people around us? One way, I thought, is to check how you would feel when the person in question is dead. This may not be easy for people who had not encountered loss of a loved one as you need to understand the agony and anguish.

So, after you have done the check and it tells you that you will feel absolutely miserable if this person is gone, then pal, it's time to do something NOW before it is too late.

Don't live to regret.

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