Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grace for Every Season of Life

Devotions by Joel Osteen

God's grace is sufficient for every season of your life. His grace is not only there to save us; it's an enabling power that helps us accomplish what we normally could not do on our own. That means that no matter what you're facing or what lies in front of you, His grace will always be more than enough. Because of His grace, you don't have to live worried, wondering how you are going to make it. His grace is sufficient for your every need. When you're tempted to look ahead into tomorrow's worries, you can rest in God's grace knowing that He has fresh grace accompanying you each day to help you accomplish what's in front of you. God already has set into motion everything you need - not just to endure or barely make it. No, God's grace is a supernatural force breathing in your direction, causing you to rise above any situation. His wisdom, strength and favor are there. Now all you have to do is receive His grace today. And because of His great grace, you can live each day in victory.

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