Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When You Feel Like An Outcast

There are times when you feel like you’re an outcast.

You may feel you’re not wearing the right clothes,

you’re not speaking the way other people speak,

or people just don’t treat you

the way they treat other people, who are part of their crowd.

Times like that, remember that your worth

could never be measured

by the measure used by such people.

Times like that, remember who you really are-

someone who is cherished,

someone truly special,

someone so loved,

that none could ever take away your JOY.

And this is your joy-

that God loves you so much

He willingly gave His own life for you.
You are never an outcast,
you are set apart.
You are never an outsider,
you were chosen even before you were born.

You are God’s beloved child,

and none could snatch you away from His hand!

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