Friday, September 17, 2010

To have child like faith, and be bold for Jesus

The bible says in Matthew 18 v 3 Unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the Kingdom of God.

Children have such a fresh approach to things, they are so bold and fearless in there faith.

I remember the story of a little girl on a plane that was flying to Dallas. She had the window seat, her family sat behind her, as the plane had only four seats in a row. So three gentlemen filled the other spaces. The little girl was so excited to have the window seat. After the plane took off, she turned to the first man and asked ” Do you smoke ?, my mummy says smoking is bad for you . The first man said “ no, I don’t smoke “. ” that’s good ” she replied. Then she said “ now ask the other guys sitting next to you the same question “. They all took her lead . Then she asked the first man again ” can you swim ?” The first guy said ” yes I can swim “. He replied. Good she says “ now ask the other guys the same question “.The other two all replied the same. A little while went by, then the little girl asked the first man on her left ” do you love Jesus ? ” The man sitting next to her replied “ yes I do ” Now, the man in the middle, knew what was coming next. He hoped against hope as he slid down the plane seat, cringing almost praying ” PLEASE NO, PLEASE DON’T ASK, PLEASE NO ! “. But it was to late The little girl asked the man beside her, Now the other guys ask them, to ask each other do you love Jesus.

The man in the middle of the men said ” yes “, then turned to the man at the end of the row. “ Excuse me, but that little girl at the window wants me to ask you, do you love Jesus ? “. The man at the end row paused for a moment and with tears flowing down his face replied, “ You have no idea how long I have waited for someone to ask me that “. So right there on the plane the man who sat next to the little girl lead that man to the lord. Just before he made his way to a christian convention in Dallas.

Lord help me this day to live life as a child of the king, Abba father, help me today to worship you and enjoy you forever.

Let me take each day as a fresh opportunity to live for you, and in simple child like faith, take the time to spread you gospel.

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