Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Eager to Do Good

Eager to Do Good
By John Fischer

My neighbor was dying of cancer. He had less than six months to live. What do you do for someone in his situation? What could I possibly give him that would mean anything in light of his terminal state? All I seemed to be able to do was listen to him complain, and when it came to God, he had a lot to complaining to do.

Then I noticed Willie Nelson was doing a concert in my town at a small intimate club. I knew my friend was a big Willie Nelson fan, and it seemed like the perfect thing. I know the Holy Spirit planted the idea in my head but I didn’t act on it in time and the date passed before I had a chance to get tickets. Then, lo and behold, God gave me a second opportunity when Willie returned two months later and my neighbor was still alive. This time I got the tickets immediately and announced we were going. His wife later told me that this concert was such a big deal to him she actually thought he kept himself alive for it. As it turned out, God used the concert to help turn my neighbor back to Christ, spurred on by a gospel set Willie sang that was all about eternity.

1 Peter 3:13 tells us to be eager to do good even when people are hostile towards us or the gospel. It doesn’t say to do good, it specifically says to be eager to do good. That means to always be looking for opportunities to do something nice for someone and when the opportunity presents itself, take it. I almost missed my opportunity with my neighbor. Thank God he brought me another chance.

Be on the lookout for ways you can do something good for others. Doesn’t have to be anything spiritual (what could be spiritual about a Willie Nelson concert?), just something that’s right for the person. Pray: “Father, open my eyes to opportunities to serve those around me in practical and personal ways. Make me in tune with your Spirit so I can hear you when you point something out to me.”

And then take action!

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