Monday, August 20, 2007

Says the Lord God

For thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, the God of mighty men, the God of mighty prophets.

So says men: listen to what the world says, listen to what the ways are, listen to what is correct to say, listen to what is correct to do--and that follow!

But I am not like that, says the Lord, I am not like that. For there are ways of men and there are ways of God. And there are those that say, study and learn and use the wisdom of man to understand the truth of God. But no, you cannot understand the truth of God except from scripture, and the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Listen and be careful that you haven't studied greatly the news of men and took it as the word of God. Study the Word, get into the Bible, study It from cover to cover, backwards and forwards; learn that Word, for it comes from the Throne of God.

Listen now, and beware, there are those that say there can be times ahead of great disaster. And true, there are times of great disaster to come. And after that more disaster. But, those who stand with Me, who walk with Me, who daily, daily, daily put their lives on the line in the will of God--for them, I shall carve a path through this that they can walk on. If they step off the path they will be in trouble! But if they stay on the path of the Lord, the prosperity of heaven, the glory of God, and the might of the spiritual forces which are the angels of Heaven, shall protect them, and protect them thoroughly through all this time.

There are those that are scared of what is to come. But the Word says fear God. For if you fear man, you will do what man says, lest you be criticised by men. But fear God so that you will do what God says, lest you be criticised by the Lord God of Heaven and earth.

Hear and know the times at hand. You stand on the precipice of the beginning of the times of wrath. Don't look forward or backward in the ways of this earth. But moment by moment listen to the Spirit of God which has been planted in you as a born again christian.

Stand and know that that Spirit will guide you moment by moment in everything and through everything. It is That that will reveal to you the path that you must walk through these times ahead.

So says the Lord God.

Thomas S. Gibson
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