Friday, July 20, 2007

God Saves - Part III

God Saves - Part III
By Robert H. Schuller

"Whoever walks blamelessly will be saved." -Proverbs 28:18

Have you ever been in a church where the minister scolds the people? He rebukes them, slaps his hands and pounds his fists, verbally crucifying those listening to him. I have attended churches like that. And the amazing thing is that the people go out and tell the preacher, "Oh, that was a great sermon, Reverend."

These people enjoyed being verbally spanked. They do not understand what the grace of God means. They do not really believe that when Christ died on the cross, He paid the price. All we have to do is accept!

But then, all of us have areas of our lives where we are still trying to earn God's forgiveness. There are some things in your life that you are still trying to hide from God. My message to you is that God knows and He still loves you!

Now write your prayer as you thank God for setting you free.

Dear Lord,

* * *

Let me, O Lord, like a little child, dare to confess and then run with open arms to You. Amen

* * *

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