Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Talking With God - Part IV

Talking With God - Part IV
By Robert H. Schuller

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him. -Psalm 37:7

They had three beautiful children. When the fourth was born, they were all excited. And then they found out the child had Down's Syndrome. The mother said to me, "Dr. Schuller, we looked at this situation and saw it as an enormous, terrible problem. Our first reaction was one of anger, then bitterness, then self-pity. It was terrible.

"Then we heard you talk about two-way prayer and asked, 'Lord, could there be any good in what has happened to us?' And we waited. We had a thought and the thought was very strong. 'Yes.' Then we asked, 'God, what good could possibly come out of this problem?' And this sentence came to my mind ... I will teach you a new dimension of love! Wow! That changed everything! What has happened in our lives since then has been a miracle."

Two-way prayer is going into a quiet place to talk to God and ask Him questions. You don't spill out your problems necessarily. You don't make a lot of statements. You don't ask for demands. You don't go forward with pitiful appeals. You go with questions and wait patiently for God to answer. This is mountain-moving prayer!

* * *

My spirit is refreshed and renewed as I am quiet before the Lord.

* * *

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